Raptors and listiculture

In an effort to curb this velociraptor of a temper (multiple trustworthy reviews have described it as much), I’m trying to apply the principle of the “seven breaths”. Geek Princess colleague friend told me about how she read about it in an ancient samurai combat manual. I like the principle of taking seven breaths before deciding upon the course of action. It usually prevents a temper eruption/wholly rash and reckless deed/rocketing to a conclusion altogether and places things into perspective – or inspires a more Machiavellian response. Both of these are better for blood pressure and general serenity/satisfaction levels.

I’m not sure why, but when I think about this principle, I subconsciously ascribe it to Sei Shonagon and her “The Pillow Book”. For the unfamiliar, Sei Shonagon was a Japanese author and courtesan who lived around the year 1000. The Pillow Book is basically her diary,in which she wrote all manner of thoughts and observations. Although I haven’t finished reading it, I did find some real gems in there – such as what one can glean about a man from how he leaves you after a (wink wink) night. I might associate the seven breaths principle with it because the Book contains many lists, so 7 breaths = 7 items on a list… yeah, that’s the pervasiveness of the Buzzfeed listiculture for ya.


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