2015 discoveries

  • Tiffany’s – am now a total sellout to the little blue box, though more for everyday trinkets rather than monumental jewelry. The fact that they have handsome, well-groomed young men ply you with bubbly, coffee and chocolate as you shop miiiiight have something to do with it.
  • Original-language cinema – especially Saturday nights early in a run, the crowd is abundant and it feels almost normal. I’ve always liked a crowd; you can strike the right balance between contact and anonymity. Also, there I once saw a tv journalist who’s notorious for being somewhat caninely ferocious when interviewing – except that she was on a date there! It was rather sweet to watch this completely unexpected – and unexpectable, from her tv demeanour – side to her.
  • (this is a rediscovery) Reading – it’s so nice to become completely absorbed by the world that is a book – a world spun by its author – to learn new perspectives, new ideas and notions, new styles. But more than this, reading is a real need of mine, as fundamental to my soul and mind as food is to my body (and mind). Without it there is a real void.
  • My other absolute need: to write.
  • Cooking and, to a much lesser degree, baking. I prefer the former because there is more space for tinkering as you go.
  • The relaxing power of Frank Sinatra and that whole school of singin’.
  • Star Wars.

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