Motivation (JusJoJan)

Perhaps because it’s still early days, but thankfully motivation has definitely not been lacking. I’ve always loved writing and reading, but since I’ve decided to try my hand at it properly, it’s as if a tap opened for a stream has let forth a waterfall. Crazy and geeky as it may sound, I cannot stop writing and reading – if I’m not, I’ll be thinking about something I do want to write about, when can I get back to the book I’m reading, ooh that’s an interesting thought I’ll scribble something about it later… The will to write even appears to me. It’s a churning multicolour force, recondite but very much pulsating, like a primordial instinct.

So, since starting, I’ve always managed to dig out a few minutes to note down my thoughts (although admittedly at the expense of sleep or efficiency). Because they just have to come out, really.

That isn’t to say that I haven’t encountered roadblocks. Actually, that is precisely what I’ve encountered: road blocks. Something on the road from Point A of I Have To Get This Out in Words to Point B of Written Words On Subject X that blocks my flow of thoughts. How to channel this energy into cogent words around a topic. Which topic? Which word to use? Usually this happens if I have a lot on my mind and cannot or will not allow the words to come.

But if I sit still for a minute and find or acknowledge the reason, then they flow again.


2 responses to “Motivation (JusJoJan)

  1. I’ve found we just have to go with those creative bursts and hope they stay around for a while!


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