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FOR each ecstatic instant

We must an anguish pay

In keen and quivering ratio

To the ecstasy.


For each beloved hour

Sharp pittances of years,

Bitter contested farthings

And coffers heaped with tears.

-Emily Dickinson, Complete Poems, 1924. Part One – Life. XXXVII


Quote of the Night

Pretty face and electric soul

– Lana del Rey, Young and Beautiful

A cor do invisível – Mario Quintana

“And in the end you will see that the lightest things are the only ones
That the wind could not take away
An old refrain
A caress at the right time
Turning the pages of a book of poems
The scent the wind itself once had…
– which the wind did not take away”

– Mario Quintana, 1989; translation liberally my own.